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Pneumatic Actuator Trunnion Ball Valve Wcb High Quality

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Pneumatic Actuator Trunnion Ball Valve Wcb High Quality

Main Feature:

  • The side entry trunnion mounted ball valve has been designed two piece body type or three piece body type and with two floating seats, which are movable under the pressure of medium. Under the bottom of seats, seat pre-loading springs are positioned to ensure two floating seats can attach the ball's surface tightly, other more, pressure of medium also can push seats to attach ball tightly to ensure sealing more reliable.
  • The trunnion ball valve is equipped with a movable seat seal ring which can generate displacement under the pressure of medium. In case that any medium pressure exists, the pressure will press the valve seat seal ring onto the ball tightly, guaranteeing the sealing performance of the ball valve.

Standard for ball valves:

  • The ball valve are designed in accordance with ISO14313,API 6D,BS 5351,GB/T 19672;
  • Simple structure with good sealing performance and small torque;
  • Full bore and reduced bore design with the minimum flow resistance (zero actually);
  • Emergency sealant injection;
  • Cavity pressure self relief;
  • Independent ball and stem;
  • Low emission packing;
  • Fire safe, anti-static and anti-blowout stem design;
  • Valve seat function DBB, DIB-1, DIB-2;
  • Optional extended bonnet.
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