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Fluorine Lined Plug Valves

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Fluorine Lined Plug Valves

The fluorine-lined plug valves is a valve that uses a plug body with a through hole as the opening and closing part, and the plug body rotates with the valve stem to realize the opening and closing action.

The plug valve opens and closes quickly and the fluid resistance is small. Since the movement between the sealing surfaces of the plug valve has a wiping effect, it can completely prevent contact with the flowing medium when it is fully opened, so it can usually also be used for medium with suspended particles. In recent years,

As one of the earliest valves in history, it has not been replaced by valves such as ball valves, but has become more and more popular in the market. The plug valve is mostly used to cut off the flow of the medium, and it can also be used for medium distribution (three-way plug valve). This product is widely used in any corrosive medium except "molten alkali metal and elemental fluorine", and has been widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, iron and steel smelting, papermaking, hydropower, environmental assurance and other industries.

Specifications: DN15~250

Product introduction:

The fluorine-lined plug valve is a valve that uses a plug with a through hole as the opening and closing part, and the valve is closed by the rotation of the plug. It has the advantages of good sealing performance, long service life, and simultaneous sealing of the inlet and outlet ends.

Structural features:

1. The inlet and outlet windows of the valve body are designed with a double groove sealing ring structure. During the rotation of the cock, the sealing ratio between the sealing pairs changes gradually until it reaches the fully open or fully closed position, producing sufficient sealing. Specific pressure, the sealing pair achieves zero leakage.
2. The double groove sealing ring can not only make the PTFE bushing stable in the valve body without displacement, but also absorb the slight deformation of the bushing caused by the change of temperature difference. Improves the service life of the sealing surface.

3. The upper part of the plug shaft adopts a combination of a PTFE diaphragm, an O-ring and an adjusting gasket, which can adjust the sealing pressure between the sealing surfaces, make the plug rotate flexibly, and ensure the sealing of the inlet and outlet ends and the middle flange connection end. .

4. The entire sealing process can be approximately considered to be independent of the pressure in the pipeline.
5. In the PTFE bushing, the filler of different materials is used according to the operating temperature and working medium, which is well lubricated and has a long service life.


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