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FEP PFA GXPO Fluorine Lined Discharge Valve

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FEP PFA GXPO Fluorine Lined  Discharge Valve

Fluorine Lined  Discharge Valve is mainly used for bottom discharge of reactors, storage tanks and other containers. It is connected to the bottom of storage tanks and other containers by means of the bottom flange of the valve, thus eliminating the residual phenomenon of process media usually at the container outlet.

According to the needs of the actual situation, the discharge valve can be divided into a discharge ball valve and an up and down discharge valve, among which the discharge ball valve can be divided into an oblique discharge valve and a flat discharge valve. The place where this product is in contact with the medium is lined with corrosion-resistant fluoroplastics.

The product can withstand any corrosive medium except "molten alkali metal and elemental fluorine". Papermaking, hydropower, environmental assurance and other industries have been widely used. Various operation modes, such as: manual, pneumatic, electric, etc.

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