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Wafer Style Metal Seated Butterfly Valves

Design Standard
Pressure Rating
Class150 - Class 300 or PN 6 - PN 40
Steel casting,stainless steel ,special steel ect
-29°~ 425°c
Pneumatic, hydraulic, electric actuators
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Wafer Style Metal Seated Butterfly Valves

Wafer Style Metal Seated Butterfly Valves

Now the triple offset butterfly valve is the most widely use type butterfly valve,the sealing face of the disc is ellipse not round,the shape of the sealing face is for many kinds of the process pipeline,no matter on-off valve or adjusting valve,you can use it rest assured if you choose the right type,and cost effective.

General Characteristic

  • Pressure class according to ANSI 150, ANSI 300,ANSI 600,ANSI 900 AND PN10,PN16,PN25,PN40,PN100,PN160
  • Size from DN50-DN3000
  • Drive method: Lever,Hand wheel,electrical,hydraulic,pneumatic actuator
  • Temperature range up to 815C
  • Metal seating,laminated seal and seat made of stainless steel.
  • Anti blow-out shaft API609
  • Material can be steel casting,stainless steel ,special steel ect.
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