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Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Design Standard
2" - 64" ,DN 50 - DN1600
Pressure Rating
ASME 150 - ASME 600(Series M-BFV033-ASME 150 )
Steel casting,stainless steel ,special steel ect
According to sealing surface material temperature
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Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

The unique geometric design of the triple offset butterfly valve ensures that the sealing ring and the valve seat fit at the moment of final closing, without unnecessary friction and wear; The binding when combined ensures complete sealing performance and low torque; 3. The unique sealing fire performance design can provide one-way sealing and two-way sealing for customers to choose; the packing adopts a unique dust-proof design and low-leakage sealing packing live load design; complex Tapered seal ring parts are available for universal replacement.

General specification:

Design Standard: API 609/ASME B16.34

Size range: NPS 2"~56"

Pressure class: ASME Class150~Class1500

Temperature resistance range: -196℃~600℃

Main material: carbon steel, austenitic stainless steel, chromium molybdenum steel, duplex steel, nickel-based alloy steel

Application areas: petrochemical, natural gas, metallurgy, power plant, water treatment, food, pharmaceutical

Product show:

Wafer type triple offset butterfly valve

Flange type triple offset butterfly valve

Butt weld type triple offset butterfly valve

Lug type triple offset butterfly valve

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