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Ceramic Valves and Fittings

Ceramic Valves and Fittings

Ceramic Valves Type 

Ceramic valve product types include ceramic ball valve, V-type ceramic regulating ball valve, ceramic butterfly valve, eccentric ceramic segment ball valve, ceramic knife gate valve, ceramic double gate valve, ceramic wedge gate valve, ceramic globe valve, ceramic check valve, lined ceramic pipes, lined elbows and lined ceramic tees etc.

Ceramic Valves Application

The application fields of ceramic valve products cover many industries such as thermal power, steel, metallurgy, mining, coal chemical industry, polysilicon, papermaking, petrochemical, and pneumatic conveying of positive and negative materials for lithium batteries.

Main Ceramic Valves Product:

Pneumatic conveying positive pressure dilute phase special wear-resistant pneumatic ceramic ball valve, negative pressure pneumatic conveying special pneumatic fully lined ceramic ball valve, lithium battery positive and negative material pneumatic conveying special fully lined ceramic ball valve, steel mill coal injection special wear-resistant fully lined ceramic ball valve , Wear-resistant full-lined ceramic ball valve for power plant pneumatic ash removal, wear-resistant ceramic ball valve for copper concentrate conveying, wear-resistant full-lined ceramic ball valve for powder, wear-resistant pneumatic ceramic double gate valve for pneumatic conveying, wear-resistant ceramic lined pipeline , Wear-resistant ceramic lined elbows, tees, ceramic structural parts and other products. The products are widely used in various fields of high wear, high erosion, high temperature and high corrosion including powder pneumatic conveying.