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ANSI Bellow Seal Gate Valve

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ANSI Bellow Seal Gate Valve

ANSI Bellow Seal Gate Valve Introduction:

1. Bellows sealed gate valve, its key component metal bellows, the lower end and the valve stem assembly are automatically seamed and welded, and the upper end and the connecting plate are automatically seamed and welded, forming a metal barrier between the fluid medium and the atmosphere to ensure the valve Rod zero leakage.
2. The valve disc adopts a conical design, the sealing surface and the medium are streamlined, and the sealing performance is better and the service life is longer.
3. Double sealing design (bellows + packing), if the bellows fails unfortunately, the valve stem packing will also avoid leakage and conform to international sealing standards.
4. The valve cover has its own grease fitting, which can directly lubricate the valve stem, nut and bushing, unlike the traditional lubricating oil only on the thread.
5. Ergonomically designed hand wheel, long service life, easy and convenient operation, safer and more reliable.

ANSI Bellow Seal Gate Valve Specifications:

Design Standard: ASME B16.34 .
Construction Length: ASME B16.5
Connection flange: ASME B16.5
Test and Inspection: API 598
Body Material: WCB/CF8/CF8M/CF3//CF3M/WC6/WC9
Nominal diameter: DN15-DN300
Nominal pressure: 150LB-600LB
Connection method: flange, welding
Applicable medium: Applicable medium: steam, heat transfer oil, hot and cold water, molten salt.
Application industry: petroleum, chemical industry, force, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, polysilicon, new energy.

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