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Bellows Valve

Bellows Valve

Bellow seal valves manufacturer advantages introduction:

1. Focus and Professional 

More than ten years of experience in the bellows valve industry. The cumulative production of bellows valves exceeds 400,000 units, serving customers at home and abroad, and the cumulative number exceeds 2,000. After ten years of continuous development and innovation, the company has become one of the benchmark enterprises in the field of professional bellows valves

2. Quality Assurance

(1) The company has set up a full-time quality inspection department and has a professional and excellent quality inspection team. From the incoming raw materials to the process inspection, and then to the finished product leaving the factory, it strictly follows the standard requirements to ensure the pass rate;

(2) Conduct quality awareness training for employees every month, and give feedback and quality assurance to quality problems in the processing process.

(3) Various testing equipment - all kinds of equipment, spectrometer, wall thickness tester, hardness tester, coating thickness tester, various specifications
Pressure testing machines, roughness detectors and other testing equipment ensure that the factory pass rate of each valve reaches 100%.

(4) The products fully cover the IOS9001 quality assurance system, and the bellows gate valve and globe valve have passed the TS of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.
Special equipment certification, European Community CE safety certification, American Petroleum Institute API certification, German TUV and French international,Inspection Bureau BV and other certification;