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Name: Stainless steel welded ball valve

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Stainless steel welded ball valve

The floating Valve is the new generation high performance ball valve, it is applied for long distance transport pipe 

and general industry pipe,it is safe and Resistance to bad environment ,suitable for many kinds of corrosive and 

non corrosive medium.It can be installed in petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, metallurgy, mining, water and

 electricity, natural gas, coal gas, such as urban construction system.Can be installed arbitrarily


•The floating valve is split body type,and have two seat,it can be sealed bi-direction,so it can be installed both sides.

The bolts connected the body flange,the upper stem has the sliding bearing,Reducing friction, easy operation, smooth

•The two seat support the force on the ball which came from the pressure of the medium in the pipe,

so the ball will not move.the seat not deformation much,the torque is small and easy to operate,

the sealing is good and long service life.

•When the valve is fully open or close,release the pressure of the body,the stem packing can be replaced directly.

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