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Name: Main Inlet Valve For Turbine Hammer Type Hydraulic Ball Valve

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Main Inlet Valve For Turbine Hammer Type Hydraulic Ball Valve

The complete name for this Product is Named as Hydraulic Station Ball Type Valve,.

This type of valve is specially used in the field of Big and Mid-sized Hydraulic Station. Which is installed 

in front of Turbine, the Upstream is connected with pressured steel pipe, and downstream is connected 

with turbine inlet. 

Using this type of Hydraulic Spherical Valve to cut off the flow inside of pressured steel pipes during

 maintenance of turbine or motor to ensure the safety, on the other hand, this type of Hydraulic Spherical can

 also cut off the flow when there is any abnormal onto the turbine or motor to avoid any possible accident may happen. 

This type of Hydraulic Station Spherical Valve is mainly serviced for the medium of water containing sand with 

suitable temperature from -29C to +100C. Operation status will be full open or Full Close. Flow Regulation Usage is NOT allowed. 

Hydraulic Spherical Valves are with features of small flow resistance, flexible on/off, reliable, safety and easily operation. 

Hydraulic Station Ball Valve are mainly made up of following Parts 

1. Ball valve

2. Hydraulic Actuator and Electric control box

3. Bypass Valve and its Accessories 

4. Heavy hammer

5.Up and down stream short pipes

6.Expansion joint

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