Category: Centerline Butterfly Valves

Name: Lug type concentre butterfly valve

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Lug type concentre butterfly valve

The center-lined butterfly valve is simple construction,easy to  operate and very cost effective. It suitable for the low pressure,low temperature medium and environment due to the rubber lined.

Our center-lined butterfly valves can be whole shaft or half shaft with two parts.

General Characteristic

•Pressure class according to ANSI 150, PN10,PN16,PN25

•Size from DN50-DN1200

•Drive method: Lever,Hand wheel,electrical,hydraulic,pneumatic actuator

•Temperature range up to 80c

•Seat can be EPDM,NBR

•Material can be cast iron,cast steel,stainless steel,duplex steel,aluminium bronze ect.

•Connection Wafer type,lug type,flange type

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